Smoking cannabis concentrates with a vape

Cannabis Concentrates in York: A Guide

Did you know that cannabis can take various forms and it’s not exclusive just to rolling a joint and smoking it? In fact, there are several different forms to consume cannabis, like cannabis concentrates! Concentrates are an easy way to get effects, fast. At our dispensary, Weedjar, in both Oakwood Village and Broadview North, we offer a bunch of different concentrates. Interested in learning more? Keep reading! 

Vape Pens in York: What They Are and How They Are Used

Weedjar’s vape pens are among our best products, in my opinion. It may be my bias, but I think vaping is my favourite method of consuming cannabis because of its flexibility and versatility–they are discreet, portable, and hassle-free. You can find vape pens at Weedjar in York, where any budtender will tell you that it is one of the most technologically advanced ways to enjoy cannabis. While there are more extreme versions of vaporizers that aren’t handheld, like the Volcano, vape pens offer a discreet, instant, and quick hit that isn’t as smelly as smoking a joint. This makes them popular with people who are just getting into cannabis, or for people who want to smoke very little. In contrast to joints and bongs, it’s much easier on the throat and lungs since it’s not harsh smoke. Vape pens are also a great option if you’re trying to avoid edibles since they provide less of an intense effect than edibles have. 

Interested in learning more about vape pens? We have some recommendations for vape cartridges in Broadview North and Oakwood Village, so keep reading for more information. 

Getting Cozy with Cannabis Chocolates in York

York experiences unbearably cold winters during the fall and winter months, so it’s no secret that the season for cozying up is fast approaching. Who wants to go outside and smoke a joint in that weather? Definitely not us. Cannabis chocolates, on the other hand, are the ideal solution for satisfying both your sweet tooth and enjoying cannabis recreationally without having to go outside. You can choose from a wide selection of cannabis chocolates in our shops in Broadview North and Oakwood Village, which are dosed sensibly so you can control the intensity of your high.

Our Budtenders offer some buying suggestions based on their experience with cannabis chocolates, what they are, how they’re made, and what to expect when buying in York. 

What You Need to Know About Buying Pre-Rolls In York, Ontario

From vaping to edibles to topicals, marijuana consumption has always provided people with a variety of choices. When it comes to consuming cannabis, the doobie is one of the most trusted methods. The joint, the roach, the spliff – whatever you call it, it’s a good fallback option. And for a lot of folks, the ritual of rolling a joint is what makes that experience a little more enjoyable. In York, you will be able to find dried flower and pre-rolls at Weedjar in both Broadview North and Oakwood Village.


How to Buy Legal Weed in Scarborough with Weedjar

Our Budtenders at Weedjar make it easy for you to buy legal weed. We walk you through what legal weed is, and where to buy it in Scarborough.  

Whenever I find myself in Scarborough – the first question I ask myself is: what is there to do in Scarborough? My immediate second question is: where can I find legal weed in Scarborough? It’s home to the Rouge River, Scarborough Bluffs, and Toronto Zoo, as well as a number of micro neighbourhoods such as Malvern, Agincourt, and Birch Cliff. 

As a bonus, Weedjar has a couple of convenient locations in Scarborough and York, including Broadview North and Oakwood Village, that make finding legal weed easy. There’s a Weedjar shop in Eglinton East – I recommend a trip to a new city with friends, and a little legal weed for the journey.

Sativa: What Is It and Where to Find the Best Sativa in Scarborough

Our Budtenders at Weedjar explain what Sativa is and where to find it in Scarborough and Eglinton

Most people now know that there are different types of cannabis strains, and the most common differences when choosing cannabis are boiled down to three groups: Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid.

For a consumer, this is an easy way to ask for what you want in a more general sense. Most budtenders understand what the consumer wants by asking if they are looking for something that elevates their mood, something in-between, or something for utter relaxation. Weedjar carries a variety of Sativa selections at our dispensary in Eglinton. 

We’ve created a guide for what to look for when you’re buying Sativa in Scarborough. We want to share a little more information about what Sativa is, what it does, how to understand the plant, and how it’ll work for you. Read more below to find out. 


Weedjar Cannabis Indica

Learn About Cannabis Indica in York

Find out what cannabis Indica strains are the best to buy in Broadview North and Oakwood Village with the help of our Weedjar budtenders

For a consumer, the easiest way to choose what kind of high you’re going after is by sorting them into three categories: Sativa, Indica and Hybrid. Most budtenders understand what the consumer wants by asking if they are looking for something that elevates their mood, something in-between, or something for utter relaxation. Weedjar carries a variety of Indica selections at our dispensary in Broadview North and Oakwood Village

We’ve created a guide for what to look for when you’re buying Indica in York. We want to share a little more information about what Indica  is, what it does, how to understand the plant, and how it’ll work for you. Read more below to find out. 


Everything You Need to Know About Cannabis Concentrates in Scarborough

One thing we know about cannabis is how it can easily shapeshift. Cannabis is versatile. The cool thing about learning about cannabis in its many forms is learning how scientific the entire process is, this is especially the case when learning about cannabis concentrates. 

Stoners get a bad rap for being sluggish, lazy, and unconcerned, but for a bunch of lazy folks – there sure are many creative ways to consume and use cannabis. Cannabis concentrates are made through a process of solvent or solventless extraction, and then formed into a concentrated mass of either THC or CBD, and sometimes even both. 

Cannabis concentrates are becoming increasingly popular, but there is a lot of misinformation about this type of marijuana product. At Weedjar, we know knowledge is power, and we’re here to share the facts about cannabis concentrates so you can make an informed decision the next time you stop in at our Eglinton weed shop.

Everything You Need to Know About Bongs in York

When it comes to pop culture, portrayals of marijuana and stoner culture often have bong-related imagery associated with them. Think of your favourite stoner movie, there probably was a bong involved. Bongs are known for their cylindrical design and simple aesthetic, and sometimes, they can mistakenly even be confused with vases due to their tubular shape, but not all bongs come in the same shape or size, which we’ll explain later in this blog. It’s without a doubt that bongs are popular, and they’re a staple in the cannabis sphere but our team at Weedjar knows that not everyone has the same experience. If you’re new to the wonderful world of bongs, or if you’re just looking to learn more about bongs and where to find them in York – we’ve broken it down to share the top-selling bongs at our Weedjar York locations at Broadview and Oakwood Ave, and some of the benefits and history of bongs. 

Cannabis Chocolates in Scarborough: A Complete Guide

Most people believe that when you smoke weed, you get the munchies, but what happens if the munchies begin even before you consume cannabis? The munchies are all about a craving. And sometimes, that craving involves chocolate. If you have a hankering for chocolate when you’re stoned, or before you’re stonedthere’s a way to enjoy both cannabis and chocolatetogether! 

From cannabis infused chocolates, THC infused seltzers, and CBD gummiesedibles have been around for a long time, providing a little something for everyone. While the world of edibles is vast, today, we’re exploring the wonderful world of cannabis chocolates. Chocolate is a popular confectionery due to its versatility, and with cannabis becoming less taboo, putting the two together just feels right. 

I’m sure that cannabis and chocolates together has been happening already for a while, and suddenly it makes sense as to why everyone was freaking out about Willy Wonka’s chocolates at the Chocolate Factory–there had to be something in those chocolates that made everyone feel that good. The lessons of Willy Wonka’s story can serve as a warning, too, because sometimes edibles can go down a dark path if you aren’t prepared or don’t know how to handle them correctly. 

When it comes to cannabis chocolates in Scarborough, Weedjar has you covered. Here are some tips to keep your cannabis experience pleasant all around so that you won’t fall into a chocolate pit of despair. 

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