Our Staff at Weedjar in our Oakwood Village and Broadview locations walk us through the pros and cons of legal weed, and where you can find it in York, Ontario.


Earlier in April, the New York Times released an article titled “A ‘Wild West’ of Marijuana Grows in Toronto”, which was a look at how dispensaries across Queen Street West have flourished and taken over the west side of the iconic neighbourhood. While it’s true that there is an abundance of legal weed to choose from in Toronto, it’s important to remember that not everyone lives downtown! Finding a cannabis retailer that has all the quips and quirks to make you feel at home– from the staff to the product– is not always easy. 

It can be hard to find a weed shop outside of the city that exceeds your needs. After all, being in alignment with a shop that has everything you want from great service to amazing product is what makes it your spot. So, where can you find legal weed outside of Toronto, like in York? What about Broadview and Oakwood Village? And what even is legal weed? So many questions and we’ve got the answers! 


Finding Legal Weed in Toronto is About Quality and Not Quantity

At Weedjar, at both our Broadview North weed shop and our Oakwood Village location, has a great selection of legal weed and accessories, as well as a great team running the show. 

York is located in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and is home to a diverse population of students, families, and people passing through to get Downtown. It used to be an administration city, and now it’s known as the home to the third-largest Canadian University, York University. York is known for its vibrant communities, and more people are heading out to Oakwood Village and Broadview North, as it’s easily accessible by train. The  neighbourhood offers an abundance of eateries, specifically in Danforth Village in East York, and it provides an option for a slower and more quiet landscape while being close enough to the city. 

While you could train out to Queen Street West, that just isn’t necessary anymore with legal weed being available in York, both near Pape Ave and Oakwood Village.


What is Legal Weed?

Since October 17, 2018, the use of recreational cannabis has been made legal. Before that, marijuana was only allowed for medicinal purposes. 


Is Government Weed Legal Weed?

All weed is legal and regulated by the government. However, the difference is recreational cannabis is provincially regulated, whereas medicinal cannabis is regulated federally. 


What’s the Difference Between Recreational Weed vs. Medicinal Weed? 

Recreational weed is legal, and you can purchase it at any Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS). The OCS is a crown agency solely owned by the Province of Ontario and reports directly to the Ministry of Finance. The OCS is the only online retailer and wholesaler of legal recreational weed across the entire province which means that you can buy legal weed at any authorized retail stores that are privately owned, such as our shop in Broadview and Oakwood Village. 

Medicinal grade cannabis is a bit different. If you want to buy legal medical cannabis, it has to be through Health Canada licensed sellers. Unfortunately, recreational cannabis retailers cannot provide medical advice about marijuana. 


Pros and Cons of Legal Weed 

According to the CBC, the benefits of legal weed since it was legalized in Toronto are that it has resulted in a booming multibillion-dollar industry that has created new jobs and provided new opportunities for people and businesses to bloom. Legal weed is easily accessible, and it provides an opportunity to support brick and mortar businesses in your neighbourhoods.

The downside of legal weed is that, unlike medicinal weed, it is heavily taxed which can spike up the retail value of a product. 

Legal weed goes through a long process of strictly regulated production stages before reaching the consumer, and as a result, that means that there can be an inflated price at the end of it when it reaches the selling stage. The four main production steps are cultivation, processing, storing, and packaging. 

Although it’s a long process, legal weed is still a lot better than black markets, where there are still plenty of unknown factors. Getting your green from a trusted source makes consumption a lot safer. 


Best Selling Legal Weed in Our York Locations 

There is no place to enjoy some legal pot other than close to home – if you’re in the York neighbourhood and are looking to find where you can buy legal weed, we’ve got you covered. Our teams at Weedjar, in both our East York and Oakwood Village locations, have a great variety of flower and accessories to make your experience higher. 

The great thing about legal weed is the variety of cultivars across the province making great products, and below are a couple of suggestions of our best-selling buds to help you choose the best for your next visit. 


Legal Weed in Broadview, East York

Pink Kush by Pure Sunfarms is an Indica strain from BC’s Vancouver Island. It’s related to the legendary strain, OG Kush. It’s loved by many for its versatility of aromas, colourful appearance, and high THC content. 

Pure Sunfarms is based in the Fraser Valley in British Columbia, and they are one of the leading brands in the game. If you want a happy, relaxed, and sleepy vibe – pick up their variation of Pink Kush at our East York Location.


Legal Weed in Oakwood Village, York

Meet BC God Bud Dried Cannabis by Verse Originals – an Indica-dominant strain that is not to be slept on. It’s popular for its high THC content and blended aroma of tropical fruits, berries, and lavender. This bud is hand-selected by Verse Originals in Kelowna, BC who are known for their premium quality in northern BC. 

This is also a great option if you’re looking to wind down after work for a sleepy, happy, and mellow night. 


Weedjar Makes Finding Legal Weed Easy

Although it might seem to be the wild, wild, West in more populated areas of the Greater Toronto Area – there is room to experiment and find a weed shop that elevates your experience, and at Weedjar, in both our Broadview and Oakwood Ave shops, that’s what we hope to do. We offer a low-pressure environment with budtenders that are there to help find what works best for you. 

When it comes to using cannabis recreationally, it’s key to remember the parameters of the Cannabis Act. Some responsible reminders are that the legal age of consumption for cannabis in Ontario is 19+ and the limit of carrying and possessing marijuana is less than 30 grams. 

Weedjar is a family-owned and operated business providing carefully curated cannabis products and accessories to our customers in over three locations in Ontario, including Eglinton, Oakwood Village, and Broadview. 


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