Our Budtenders at Weedjar make it easy for you to buy legal weed. We walk you through what legal weed is, and where to buy it in Scarborough.  

Whenever I find myself in Scarborough – the first question I ask myself is: what is there to do in Scarborough? My immediate second question is: where can I find legal weed in Scarborough? It’s home to the Rouge River, Scarborough Bluffs, and Toronto Zoo, as well as a number of micro neighbourhoods such as Malvern, Agincourt, and Birch Cliff. 

As a bonus, Weedjar has a couple of convenient locations in Scarborough and York, including Broadview North and Oakwood Village, that make finding legal weed easy. There’s a Weedjar shop in Eglinton East – I recommend a trip to a new city with friends, and a little legal weed for the journey.



What is Legal Weed?

In October 2017, the Government of Canada legalized the recreational use of Cannabis. Before then, only medicinal cannabis was allowed. That meant that if you wanted to purchase weed, you would have to see a doctor that would prescribe your medicinal marijuana. This is still the case with medicinal marijuana, but recreational and legal marijuana is free game for anyone who is of legal age. 


What is Medical Marijuana?

In medical cannabis use, cannabinoids alleviate symptoms without intoxicating patients, whereas recreational cannabis users usually enjoy the more euphoric effects of weed. Cannabis used for medical purposes may be obtained from licensed producers or grown at home with permission from a prescriber, while recreational cannabis may be purchased at an approved OCS (Ontario Cannabis Store) retailer without a prescription.


How Much Cannabis Can I Legally Carry in Scarborough?

In Scarborough and the rest of Toronto for that matter, cannabis users are allowed to carry 30 grams on them per person. It is illegal to carry beyond 30 grams in Canada. 


What are the Pros and Cons of Legal Weed?

CBC reports that legal weed in Toronto has created new jobs, provided new business opportunities, and created a booming multibillion-dollar industry since it was legalized. It is easy to access legal weed, and it provides a way to support brick-and-mortar businesses in your neighbourhood.

A downside of legal weed is that, unlike medicinal weed, it is heavily taxed, resulting in a higher retail price. Before reaching consumers, legal weed goes through a long and strictly regulated production process, leading to inflated prices at the end when the product reaches the market.

There are still plenty of unknown factors in the black market, which is why legal weed is still a better option than the black market. Plus it’s way cooler to support small businesses and get your weed at a reputable shop like Weedjar. 


I Want to Smoke Legal Weed at a Park in Scarborough, Am I Allowed?

You can smoke anywhere if you’re stealthy about it! But since we’re talking about where you can smoke legally in Scarborough, try a nice trail near the Rouge River. Cannabis is permitted at day use areas, registered parks, and trails in Ontario. 

Something to be noted about Scarborough is how family-oriented the area is. If you’re looking to smoke weed in Scarborough, be mindful that you can’t smoke near parks and that it may still be kind of frowned upon to smoke publicly. If that’s the case, there are other low-key ways to get stoned. Keep reading to see what products you can pick up at Weedjar in Scarborough.


What Legal Weed Products Can I Get in Scarborough?

At our shop in Eglinton, we sell dried flower, vape pens and cartridges, and edibles like chocolates, concentrates, and topicals. As mentioned above, the more discreet way to get stoned in public would be to try something like a vaporizer or an edible. If you’re looking for something to smoke on, our shop has a large selection of dried flower in Sativa and Indica, as well as pre-rolls. 


Best Selling Legal Weed Products in Eglinton


XMG Watermelon Beverage 

This watermelon beverage by XMG is a sweet, potent watermelon flavour with 10% THC and .9% CBD. This hybrid blend beverage is a great option if you’re looking for something discreet as you can just drink it right out of the can for calming, uplifting, and relaxed vibes. 

Sour Green Apple 2:1 CBD Fruit Chews by Olli

Featuring a sour sugar coating and a delectable sour green apple flavour, this high-CBD fruit chew is a must-try. There are two 10g soft chews in this package, each containing 5 mg THC and 10 mg CBD.


Weedjar Makes Finding Legal Weed Easy

Whether you’re from Scarborough or new to the area; having a one-stop weed shop that elevates your experience shouldn’t be hard to find. At Weedjar in Eglinton, we hope to elevate your experience by offering a low-pressure environment with budtenders that are there to help find what works best for you. 

When it comes to using cannabis recreationally, it’s key to remember the parameters of the Cannabis Act. Some responsible reminders are that the legal age of consumption for cannabis in Ontario is 19+ and the limit of carrying and possessing marijuana is less than 30 grams. 


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