There is always so much to do in Yorkville. Yorkville is known as a top destination for its galleries, design studios, restaurants and pubs. Why not treat yourself to a cheeky treat after your walking tour? There are so many shops to choose from in Yorkville – but one we recommend is Weedjar, our newest dispensary.

If you’re visiting Yorkville for the first time, and you happen upon our Yorkville weed shop, there might be a few things that you may need to know. One of them is that – Yes, It’s legal! Want to partake in the fun activities with cannabis but still unsure what’s allowed and what’s not in Yorkville? Not a worry, we’re here to explain what exactly you are allowed and not allowed to do when visiting Yorkville. 



What is Legal Weed?

In October 2017, the Government of Canada legalized the recreational use of Cannabis. Before then, only medicinal cannabis was allowed. That meant that if you wanted to purchase weed, you would have to see a doctor that would prescribe your medicinal marijuana. This is still the case with medicinal marijuana, but recreational and legal marijuana is free game for anyone who is of legal age. 


What is Medical Marijuana?

In medical cannabis use, cannabinoids alleviate symptoms without intoxicating patients, whereas recreational cannabis users usually enjoy the more euphoric effects of weed. Cannabis used for medical purposes may be obtained from licensed producers or grown at home with permission from a prescriber, while recreational cannabis may be purchased at an approved OCS (Ontario Cannabis Store) retailer without a prescription.


How Much Cannabis Can I Legally Have in Yorkville?

In Yorkville, and the rest of Toronto, including Broadview North, Oakwood Village, and Scarborough for that matter, cannabis users are allowed to carry 30 grams on them per person. It is illegal to carry beyond 30 grams in Canada. 


Am I Allowed to Smoke Cannabis Legally in Yorkville? 

Yes! You can smoke anywhere if you’re stealthy about it! But since we’re talking about where you can smoke legally in Yorkville, it might be a little difficult due to how developed the landscape is. There are usually a ton of people nearby, and to be courteous of others, try a park nearby Yorkville, or opt for a cannabis-infused drink or edible while strolling around in Yorkville. with marijuana. Keep reading to see what products you can pick up at Weedjar in Yorkville.

Top Selling Products in Yorkville 

Some discreet legal weed options, if you’re strolling about in Yorkville, are pre-rolls, vapourizers, edibles, and cannabis-infused drinks. Here are some of our most popular selling products at our Yorkville dispensary, Weedjar. 


Popular Vape

THC Distillate 510 Thread Cartridge Blend by Pure Sunfarms 

Pure Sunfarms’ high-THC vape cartridges are filled with all-natural cannabis extract, refined to deliver a spotlight on THC. Each vape cartridge is fitted with a custom ceramic mouthpiece, and featuring a glass tank and ceramic heating coil, every component of the cartridge is thoroughly tested for quality and safety. Compatible with a 510 thread battery.


Popular Edible

Passion Fruit Mango Super CBD Gummies by Ace Valley 

Bursting with a tangy blend of passion fruit and mango flavour, these new Super CBD Gummies are loaded with 20 mg CBD per gummy and sold in packs of 10—making them a perfect addition to your daily routine.

Popular Cannabis-Infused Drinks


Orange Kush Classic Soda by Keef

Refreshing notes of orange citrus flavour and the perfect amount of carbonation. All Classic Sodas are caffeine free and are infused with rotating Hybrid strains.

Popular Pre-Rolls

Unicorn Poop Pre-Roll 3-pack by Jonny Chronic 

Unicorn Poop from Jonny Chronic is an indica hybrid that produces tight buds with deep purple hues and an aroma of fermenting fruit and gas. Pun intended. 


Weedjar Makes Finding Legal Weed Easy

Whether you’re from Yorkville or new to the area; having a one-stop weed shop that elevates your experience shouldn’t be hard to find. We opened our newest dispensary in Yorkville to bring our expertise and our excellent customer service to the city. Our hope is to elevate your experience by offering a low-pressure environment with budtenders that are there to help find what works best for you! 


Yorkville Regulations with Consumption of Cannabis

When it comes to using cannabis recreationally, it’s key to remember the parameters of the Cannabis Act. Some responsible reminders are that the legal age of consumption for cannabis in Ontario is 19+ and the limit of carrying and possessing marijuana is less than 30 grams. Just a few things to keep in mind while shopping for legal weed at your local Yorkville marijuana shop. 


About Weedjar

Weedjar is a family-owned and operated business providing carefully curated cannabis products and accessories to our customers in over four locations in Ontario, including Eglinton, Oakwood Village, and Broadview and our newest shop in Yorkville. 


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