After a long day, sometimes all you want to do is unwind with a glass of wine. But let’s say you’re not a big drinker, the next best thing is rolling up a joint and smoking some Indica. Indica has been made popular for its relaxing, calming, pain-relieving and sedating effects–based on anecdotal evidence. 

If you’re visiting one of our Weedjar dispensaries in Scarborough, you’ll notice that we have a large selection of Indica products to choose from. Typically, most dispensaries categorize their cannabis within three categories: Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid. While each strain has their own benefits, Indica is personally one of my favourites due to its relaxing properties. It’s the best weed to chill out with (in my opinion.) If you’re in Eglinton looking to relax and hang out with some cannabis, keep reading to find out our most potent Indica Cannabis strains. 


Does Indica Make You Lazy? 

No, but they do make you more sleepy which can feed into the “lazy trope”. Have you heard of how some strains can have you “in-da-couch”? These strains are commonly referred to as Indica strains. These strains are known for their relaxing and sometimes even sedative effects.

In simple terms, Indica produces more of a body high whereas Sativa produces more of a cerebral or heady type of high. Indica is a great option for people who experience chronic pain, insomnia, and anxiety.  With Sativa,  the effects of the strain are usually more of a productive high. 


Is Indica Stronger Than Sativa?

One of the most common misconceptions about Indica is that it is a higher percentage of THC, making it more potent than Sativa strains or Hybrids. Although some Indica strains do contain high percentages of THC, most people confuse the sedative effects with high concentration. There are a lot of really mellow Indica strains to choose from, especially at Weedjar in our Scarborough location. 


What Terpenes are Found in Indica Strains?

Something to keep in mind when shopping for Indica in Scarborough is that terpenes do play a large part in the overall experience of a strain. One of the most common terpenes that are found in Indica strains is myrcene. 


What is Myrcene? 

Myrcene is one of the main terpenes found in most strains. It’s believed that strains with a higher myrcene terpene will create more of the sedative effects that are associated with Indica strains, while less myrcene can produce what we perceive as the Sativa effect. 

Myrcene is found to be naturally occurring in mangoes, hops, lemongrass, and ylang ylang. This terpene has been reported to have analgesic, sedative, antidiabetic, antioxidant, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory effects. 


Most Potent Indica Strains in Eglinton 

At Weedjar in Scarborough, we carry high percentage Indica blends that range from legal flower and pre-rolls, edibles and chocolates, concentrates and vape cartridges. If you’re looking for high-concentrated amounts of THC with an Indica dominant profile, read below. 


Most Potent Indica Pre-Rolls 

Roulé Infusé Water Hash Infused Pre-Roll by Beurre Blanc

This small batch pre-roll offers a pairing of strain-specific, Coffee Cream ice water hash with milled, premium whole flower of the same cultivar. Adding a boost in flavour and pushing the THC beyond 30%, this is a must-have for connoisseurs. 

Most Potent Indica Edibles

Grape Oasis Gummies by Aurora Drift 

These fruity bite-sized gummies are infused with high quality cannabinoid extract from our best-selling indica strains. Each shareable four-pack contains 10 mg of THC overall. That’s 2.5 mg of THC per gummy. 

Most Potent Indica Cannabis-Infused Drinks 

Bakerstreet & Ginger Ale by Tweed 

There are 2mg of THC per 355ml can of this sparkling beverage, combining Bakerstreet distilled cannabis and ginger ale.


Most Potent Indica Vaporizers 

Florida Citrus Kush Cartridge by Mood Ring 

The Florida Citrus Kush Cart by Mood Ring has 80%-86% THC and 30% CBD content that makes it a strong Indica-dominant hybrid. It has a rich, creamy flavour with bursts of citrus making it delicious and impactful. 


The Effects of Indica and Where to Buy Indica in Eglinton

Cannabis Indica is a short, stouter species of cannabis that is grown in colder, eastern climates like Asia and India. The perceived effects of Indica’s are said to produce sedative and relaxing effects based on anecdotal evidence, it can also aid those who experience chronic pain, nausea, and migraines. 

At Weedjar in Eglinton, we carry a variety of Indica products. Explore our latest Indica options at one of our locations or online. We have budtenders who can support you in choosing the right strain according to potency, method, and effects you wish to achieve! 


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