Smoking cannabis concentrates with a vape

Did you know that cannabis can take various forms and it’s not exclusive just to rolling a joint and smoking it? In fact, there are several different forms to consume cannabis, like cannabis concentrates! Concentrates are an easy way to get effects, fast. At our dispensary, Weedjar, in both Oakwood Village and Broadview North, we offer a bunch of different concentrates. Interested in learning more? Keep reading! 


What are Cannabis Concentrates?

Concentrates contain the highest percentage of cannabis, ranging from 40% to 60%. For comparison, flower usually only goes up to about 30%. So, we know they’re strong, but what else do we know about concentrates? Much like concentrates, we’ve got to break it down. 

The term ‘concentrates’ is an umbrella term for so many different types of cannabis extracted products. And concentrates just mean that the tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) or the cannabidiol (CBD) of a marijuana plant was extracted, and produced into a concentrated mass.  

Concentrates are made by breaking down the plant by isolating the compounds to bring out different flavour profiles, otherwise known as terpenes and cannabinoids. This process also increases the potency due to the isolation of compounds in the marijuana plant. 

There is a chance that you’ve already come into contact with concentrates. If you’ve ever smoked a vape, the cartridges use concentrated THC or CBD, either a live-resin or distillate.  if you’ve used a topical for pain relief, that includes concentrates, or if you’ve ever used a tincture or cannabis chocolate, that also is a concentrated mass. 


What are the Two Types of Extraction Methods for Cannabis Concentrates?

The two types of methods for cannabis extraction are Solvent extraction and Non-solvent or Solventless extraction. These are both available at our Broadview North and Oakwood Village dispensaries. 


What are Solvent Concentrates?

Solvents are made through the process of hydrocarbon extraction. To simplify, what this means is that either butane or propane is used as a solvent to pass through the cannabis, and it extracts only the necessary compounds to create a concentrated version of cannabis. 


Types of Cannabis Concentrates in York That Use Solvent Extraction

In Oakwood Village and Broadview North, we offer a selection of the following solvent-based concentrates.


Co2 oil

Oil is made by extracting CBD and THC using carbon dioxide extraction.


Shatter is also known as Butane Hash Oil (BHO). The hash oil concentrate is produced by extracting high levels of THC from marijuana plants using butane solvent.


Budder is a solvent-based cannabis concentrate that takes on a light, airy wax finish. It is processed into a THC oil and is then further heated to create a thick frosted appearance. 


Crumble is a solvent-based cannabis concentrate that is dry and powdery. It is made through a process similar to shatter. 

Live Resin

Live resin is a cannabis concentrate made through solvent extraction of fresh, frozen cannabis plants. Live means that the plant wasn’t dried or cured before extraction. 

Moon Rocks

To create moon rocks, cannabis buds are dipped in hash oil and then rolled in kief. 


What are Non-Solvent-Based or Solventless Concentrates?

Non-solvent concentrates, also known as solventless concentrates, are cannabis concentrates that do not use solvents to extract THC or CBD from a marijuana plant. These are considered to be safer as they do not use a chemical process to extract the THC or CBD. 


Types of Solventless/Non-Solvent Based Concentrates in York 

In Oakwood Village and Broadview North, we offer a selection of the following solvent-based concentrates. 


Hash is made using the trichomes of a marijuana plant. The trichomes are removed and then compressed into a concentrate. The most common and traditional method is to rub the resinous plants together by hand to form little balls or bricks of hash. 

Bubble Hash

Bubble hash is a type of concentrate that is made through an ice-water extraction process using the resinous parts of a cannabis plant. 


Kief is the crystal-like formation that is on the tip of the trichomes of the cannabis plant. When the trichomes of a plant are shaken off, it turns into a dust, or more commonly, kief. Kief is collected by sifting cannabis buds through a mesh screen, or through a sieve. 


Cannabis rosin is a concentrate produced from processing the cannabis plant using heat and pressure.


Are Cannabis Concentrates Safe?

Cannabis Concentrates are safe to use if they are used responsibly and sourced from a reputable dispensary, like Weedjar in York. Since they are so potent, you only need to use a little bit to feel a lot! Our rule of thumb is always to start low and go slow. If you’re ever unsure about cannabis concentrates, ask one of our budtenders for more information. 


Where to Buy Cannabis Concentrates in Oakwood Village and Broadview North

Cannabis concentrates are powerful, concentrated forms of marijuana that extract the cannabis plant’s active components.  Both our dispensaries in Oakwood Village and Broadview North carry solvent and solventless concentrates, as well as accessories, like bongs, to elevate your cannabis experience. Cannabis concentrates are a versatile method of cannabis consumption. Because of their high THC levels and diverse appearance, they can be used as a substitute for smoking flower, or in cooking or baking edibles. 


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