If you’re new here, we use this blog to go over some popular questions around cannabis. We want our customers to be informed about the products that they buy, while also sharing everything they need to know about the legal cannabis industry in Toronto. Our budtenders answer your questions and bring you up to speed on what’s happening at our shops in Scarborough, East York, and Yorkville, especially as we gear up for the holiday season! 

Looking for a gift for a loved one? You might have a cannabis enthusiast in your family looking for new cannabis accessories as the holiday season approaches. Discover the top cannabis accessories available in Scarborough by reading on – we break down what cannabis accessories are and answer questions like: Do they fit into my lifestyle in any way? What accessories are right for me, and finally, where can I find cannabis accessories in Eglinton and Scarborough? Weedjar has you covered. 



What are Cannabis Accessories?

Cannabis accessories are items that can be used as part of the cannabis experience, but do not contain any THC, including Sativa and Indica products and CBD. Examples of cannabis products are bongs, pipes, rolling trays, humidifiers, grinders, recipe books and even lighters, just to name a few. 


Where Can I Find Cannabis Accessories in Eglinton?

You can find cannabis accessories at Weedjar in Eglinton, or even online. We offer click & collect on all of our online retail products and accessories. Our dispensary in Scarborough is equipped with a variety of cannabis accessories to fit your lifestyle. Not sure what cannabis accessories you need? Let’s go through a few different options, together!  


What Accessories Do You Need to Smoke Weed?

Each accessory requires its own method of consumption – so choosing the right accessory for you means figuring out how you like to consume your cannabis. 

If you like smoking flower:

The accessories that would apply to your journey would be: rolling papers, filters, a grinder, a rolling tray, and a lighter or matches.

If you like bongs: 

The accessories that you need are a bong, but you can also use a specialty bowl, an ice pinch, or a downstem with a percolator. These are all accessories that come with bongs.  


If you like to vape:

The accessory required to smoke out of a vape is a vape pen. The composition of a vape pen is usually the cartridge and 510 batteries. At our shop, cartridges and batteries are sold separately. 

These are just a few examples of accessories that you might need. Other options include pipes, one-hitters and if you enjoy dabs and concentrates, you’ll need a dab rig and specific accessories to enjoy the experience. 


Cannabis Accessories as Stocking Stuffers 

If you have someone in your life that can benefit from having some cannabis accessories, then Weedjar in Eglinton is the place to go. You can find cannabis accessories to stuff their stockings. We’ve put together a little gift guide to help inspire you this holiday season. 


For the Adventurous and Curious Chef:

Bong Appetit 

This cannabis cookbook features 65 recipes for sweet and flavorful dishes as well as cocktails that are inspired by the popular Munchies and Viceland television series Bong Appétit. This is a great gift for the adventurous chef who is interested in incorporating cannabis into the kitchen. The book covers marijuana politics, dosage, and pairing strains and flavours. Bong Appétit explains how you can infuse cannabis into almost anything – oils, butters, milks, alcohol, and more.


For the Stoner Newbie:

The OCB Roller

Need a gift for someone that is always on the go, loves to smoke joints but doesn’t know how to roll their weed– or just needs a little bit of extra guidance to become a better roller? The OCB roller is the perfect portable accessory. It’s made of all-natural bamboo and features a long-lasting rolling belt. Purchase this with 1 ¼ size papers. 

For the Go-Go-Go:

Pre-Roll Carrier Tube 

We all have that one friend that insists on putting their marijuana roach in a ziplock bag, instead of having a legit way to store it. The pre-roll carrier tube is great for those who roll their own joints and want to safeguard their pre-rolls, making it an excellent stocking stuffer. 

For the Innovative:

The Infyniti Grinder
Perhaps the same kind of friend that stores their pre-rolls in a ziplock bag also almost always uses scissors to chop up their weed. While it’s a good hack for when you misplace your grinder, investing in a grinder that has storage for kief, and also quickly grinds up nugs is worth it. This would be our formal recommendation for a stocking stuffer this holiday season. 

Accessorize your Cannabis Experience with Weedjar in Scarborough

We hope that we were able to answer your questions surrounding cannabis accessories. Whether you’re still uncertain about what accessories you need, come check out our dispensary, Weedjar, in Eglinton for a more detailed explanation of which cannabis accessories might be right for you! 


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