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Have you ever been at a cannabis dispensary in Yorkville and wondered “what is weed resin”? You wouldn’t be the only one. There are many ways to consume cannabis, like smoking joints, using bongs, edibles and oils, and concentrates. There is also a lot of lingo used to describe cannabis products, and some words have multiple meanings, such as resin. Here’s a look at what resin is, the different meanings behind resin, how it’s made, and some common misconceptions you should know about! As well as, where to get it and why you should stop by Weedjar’s newest dispensary in Yorkville to get your cannabis resin goods. 



So, What is Resin? 

Resin can be a couple of things. The word resin has multiple meanings, below we get into the specifics of what resin is and can be referred to as.


Solventless Concentrates

Cannabis resin is a natural cannabis concentrate made using the trichomes of a plant. Basically, the sticky, hairy and sometimes crystal-like appearance that is seen on a cannabis plant is called the trichomes. 

Trichomes are held together by resin on a cannabis plant and it contains all the good stuff associated with cannabis, like the cannabinoids and terpenes, which is the duo responsible for the effects you feel when consuming weed. 

The resin of the plant is an essential part of the cannabis flower, and it’s often harvested and sold as solventless (which means to use no chemical extraction method) concentrates, like hashish, charas, or kief (dry sift) – more on this later in our post!


Resin = Residue 

Resin also can be referred to as the sticky tar-like substance that builds up after frequent consumption of cannabis. You will notice this substance on pipes, bongs, and the sticky substance that builds up on joints. We recommend that you don’t smoke this stuff, as it is more harsh than beneficial for you. 


Live Resin 

Resin can also refer to Live Resin, which is a cannabis concentrate. It’s made using fresh harvested marijuana plants that have been flash-frozen. This is done to preserve the freshness and quality of the plant so when it’s processed. In this way, all of the natural flavour profiles (also known as terpenes) of the plant are preserved, as a result of using the cold as opposed to heat to prevent burning off the terpenes. Products that are Live Resin will be marked as such at any of our shops at Weedjar.



What is Cannabis Resin, Like Hashish, and Its Benefits

As we explained previously in our post about Hashish: Hashish or Hash, is a non-solvent/solventless based concentrate made by using the trichomes of a marijuana plant. The trichomes are removed and then compressed into a concentrate. The most common and traditional method is to rub the resinous plants together by hand to form little balls or bricks of hash: this is called finger hash or charas. 

Earlier in our post we also mentioned kief, also referred to as dry sift. Kief is the crystal-like formation that is on the tip of the trichomes of the cannabis plant. When the trichomes of a plant are shaken off, it turns into a dust, and it is then collected by sifting cannabis buds through a mesh screen, or a sieve.


What is Live Resin and Its Benefits? 

Live Resin products have some benefits, including:

Terpenes, and a lot of them 

The terpene concentration of Live Resin is higher due to its higher concentration of full-bodied marijuana plant material.

Full Bodied Flavour 

Since the terpenes are not burned off during the extraction process, this helps maintain the flavour of the cannabis strain. In addition, it captures the full chemical profile of a plant and usually has a stronger aroma. 

High Potency 

Live Resin is highly potent and has improved therapeutic benefits. Live Resin also provides the benefit of allowing you to use less and still get a lot out of it. 

Come Get Weed Resin in Yorkville 

Our Yonge Street dispensary offers a variety of cannabis resin products that can be purchased online with click & collect, as well as in person. Here are a couple of our favourite marijuana resin products at Weedjar on Yonge Street. If you’re new to cannabis concentrates, we recommend to start low and go slow. These products have four times the potency of dried cannabis flower.


Cannabis Resin in Yorkville 

If you’re in the Yorkville area and looking for cannabis resin products, we recommend the Afghan Black Hash. This hash is made by dry sifting carefully selected strains. Once the dry sift is collected, it’s heated, pressed and rolled leaving the final product as a traditional hash with full bodied flavour.

Live Resin in Yorkville

The strongest kind of cannabis resin that we carry is the Banana Hammock Live Resin cartridge from a producer called Countryside Cannabis. The cartridges are quite potent, ranging from 75-81% of THC content. This cartridge is sold separately from a 510 Thread Battery, which is also available to purchase at our stores. 


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