Our team at Weedjar explains the convenience of pre-rolls and their best-selling products at their Eglinton East location. 

For many people, the ritual of rolling a joint is all a part of the experience when it comes to enjoying cannabis. Grinding up nugs, rolling ‘em, and letting them burn is a cheap thrill, but if you’re in a time crunch – having a joint rolled for you and ready to go is the better option. For example, you’re driving through the city to visit the Scarborough Bluffs and you forgot your stash at home, and you think to yourself where can I buy a pre-roll in Scarborough? Luckily, Weedjar in our Eglinton location is the perfect pit stop to buy pre-rolls. 

There are some common misconceptions about pre-rolls, but we’d like to clear those up. 

For starters, pre-rolls are joints. They are joints that have been rolled by either a dispensary, a supplier, or a company, then packaged and sold– It’s a convenient way to smoke, and people love it. 


Why Choose Pre-Rolls?

They’re accessible, disposable, and easy. The convenience of a pre-roll means that you don’t have to grind, roll, and seal the flower into a joint—someone else does it for you! And while some people enjoy the experience of doing it themself, pre-rolls make for a good alternative for someone who might just be learning how to roll a joint, someone who might experience accessibility barriers or someone who wants to share with a group of people. No matter what the reason, there is a pre-roll for any occasion of varying potencies, strains, and sizes. 


Are Pre-Rolls Worth It?

In short, yes, but it varies. And what you pay for is what you get. The quality of the pre-roll depends on where it came from, how it was packaged, and what part of the bud was used. Just for the convenience factor, pre-rolls are a great purchase for novice joint smokers who don’t know how to roll yet, or for people looking for a discreet and disposable option.


What’s the Difference? Spliff, Joints, Blunts, and Pre-Rolls?

A joint is the beloved doobie – it is ground-up flower rolled with rolling paper, usually by hand or a joint-rolling device or machine. Some popular rolling papers are Zig Zag, OCB and RAW–some rolling papers also offer flavoured paper options. 

A spliff is a marijuana cigarette with a little bit of tobacco, they’re a little more discreet than the usual joint since they can look and burn like cigarettes. 

A blunt is a tobacco wrap or a hollowed-out cigar, then filled with cannabis flower. A blunt has no actual tobacco in it. 

You will rarely be able to go into a dispensary and be able to buy a pre-packaged joint with tobacco in it. You will be able to buy Juicy Jays wraps for blunts, but not a pre-rolled blunt. 


What To Look For in a Pre-Roll?

When purchasing a pre-roll, there are some factors to take into account. If you’re buying a pre-roll that is pre-packaged by a brand, you’re probably paying for premium cannabis – all of our pre-rolls at our Scarborough location are the highest quality. Something to look out for is that many dispensaries will usually take their shake and trim, and package those for a cheaper price. 


What is Shake, Trim, and Kief? How Does This Impact My Pre-Roll?


When marijuana is bagged, some bits fall off the plant and into the bag. The shaken-off portion of the plant is called shake. The quality of shake varies on the quality of the plant, and can drastically change the potency of the product. 

Sometimes some of the shake contains stronger parts of the marijuana plant, like the kief. Having kief included in your shake will drastically change the potency of the product. 

There are crystal-like formations on the tip of the trichomes of a cannabis plant, which give the plant its frosted appearance. The crystals contain the highest levels of THC, which is the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis. When the trichomes are shaken off or ground up, it turns into dust, otherwise known as kief. 

 You’ll only hear about trim if you are harvesting the plant, this is usually done early in the process when the leaves are trimmed to produce a better plant in the long run. It’s the excess of the plant. The problem with smoking trim is that it is usually not of great quality and the quality will burn the back of your throat and make you cough. 

In some cases, buying pre-rolls that have a shake and trim in them instead of whole buds is more of a hassle and will be less enjoyable to smoke. You’ll have to smoke a lot more to feel the effects, and it’s not very friendly to your throat or lungs. If you’re looking to buy some pre-rolls in Scarborough, It’s a good rule of thumb to ask one of our budtenders at Weedjar about the quality of the pre-rolls and if it uses the whole bud rather than the whole plant. 


Best Selling Pre Rolls in Scarborough 

Early Lemon Berry Pre-Roll 12-pack | 7.2g by Nugz Farm 

The first best-selling product at our Eglinton location is the Nugz Early Lemon Berry pre-rolls. The product is crafted in Quebec and has become a fan favourite. The Early Lemon Berry is a 21%-27% THC, 1% CBD, Sativa-dominant strain that has notes of lemon and rich citrus. This genetic strain produced by Nugz is large, dense, and covered in trichomes which makes it potent with a pleasant aroma of sweet lemons, grapefruit, and sugary sweet berries. 

This package includes twelve 0.6g pre-rolls with hang dried, slow cured, whole buds wrapped in premium raw cones, sealed in an air-tight pouch for ultimate freshness. 

These flowers produce an aroma that is both powerful and not overpowering. They have an almost identical flavour to their smell, but the taste of the exhale is what makes them so popular. 

Smoke this if you want to feel energetic, happy, creative, focused, and inspired.


ICC + MAC-1 Combo Pre-Roll 10-pack | 3.5g by EDISON CANNABIS CO.

Also on the list is the Ice Cream Cake and Miracle 15 x Alien Cookies Combo, AKA the ICC + MAC-1 Combo Pre-Roll pack by Edison Cannabis Co. This pre-roll pack contains five pre-rolls of the MAC-1 Indica Hybrid that features notes of citrus, diesel, and spice. The other five pre-rolls are of a sweeter, savoury, and spicy variety of the Ice Cream Cake, which is an Indica dominant. This package is an Indica and Hybrid that ranges from 18.5%-25% of THC, and 1% CBD. If you’re looking for two experiences in one, this is it. 

Smoke this if you’re looking to feel calm, energetic, happy, and relaxed. 


Pacific OG Pre-Roll 3-pack | 1.5g by TANTALUS LABS

Tantalus Labs is a producer of small-batch cannabis through sustainable cultivation methods in British Columbia. One of their most popular pre-roll products is their Pacific OG, which is a Sativa-dominant hybrid and blends of Nepali OG and Snow Lotus. These flavours have an undercurrent of black cherry and licorice. These pre-rolls are 15%-23% of THC, and 1% CBD. People who smoke the Pacific OG say they feel energetic, happy, creative, focused, and inspired when they smoke these pre-rolls. 


Don’t Puff, Puff, Pass on Pre-rolls in Scarborough

Ultimately, the pre-roll is a favourite for a reason; it’s the origin of the term puff puff pass, and it’s not likely to go anytime soon. At our Weedjar: Eglinton location, we have budtenders on hand that are well-versed in products we sell–they can guide you in finding pre-rolls that are of high quality from brands that create and craft cannabis products that provide optimal effects for your lifestyle. 

Weedjar is a family-owned and operated business providing carefully curated cannabis products and accessories to our customers in over three locations in Ontario, including Eglinton, Oakwood Village, and Broadview. To learn more about Weedjar, find out more about us!

Want to Roll Your Own Joint?

Here’s what you’ll need to have to roll your own joint. A grinder, rolling papers, your favourite flower, patience, and a pencil. You can find all of these items in our online shop.