Cannabis has come a long way since the beginning of legalization, and it’s for the better. The quality of cannabis that is being produced is a lot better due to the advancement of technology. This has resulted in improved methods to consume cannabis. For example: vape pens have become a huge hit, and they’re no longer reserved for nicotine smokers. The cannabis world offers a variety of different types of weed to people who vape. Some of the popular types of weed to vape are dried flower turned into vapour with the PAX vape system, distillates, and Live Resin, which is becoming increasingly popular. Live Resin is on the rise, but what exactly is Live Resin and where can you find it in the East York area? We answer your burning questions surrounding Live Resin, like what it is, how it’s made, and where you can purchase it near Oakwood Village and Broadview North. 



What is Live Resin?

Live Resin is a cannabis concentrate that uses freshly harvested marijuana plants that are flash-frozen to preserve the freshness of the plant. Live Resin is quickly becoming a favourite among cannabis users for people who enjoy vaping or use dabs. If you’re looking for resin in Broadview North or resin in Oakwood Village – Weedjar is the place for you. 


How is Live Resin Made?

Live Resin is made through a hydrocarbon extraction method. Live Resin producers take fresh marijuana plants and flash freeze them, which is an important step as it preserves the trichomes of a marijuana plant. By doing this, it preserves the natural terpenes that are found in a marijuana plant, this makes it much more flavourful and has more of an embodied richness to the final product. In many extraction methods when creating cannabis concentrates, the terpenes are burned off because of the high-boiling temperatures that are often used. Since the hydrocarbon process has a boiling point of -37 degrees, this maintains the integrity of the cannabis plant. 


What are the Benefits of Live Resin?

There are a few benefits of using Live Resin products, such as: 

More Terpenes

Live Resin contains more of the complete marijuana plant, which results in a higher concentration of terpenes. 

Full-Spectrum Flavour 

Since the terpenes are not burned off during the extraction process, this helps maintain the flavour of the cannabis strain. In addition, it captures the full chemical profile of a plant and usually has a stronger aroma. 

It’s Stronger 

Live Resin is highly potent and has improved therapeutic benefits. Live Resin also provides the benefit of allowing you to use less and still get a lot out of it. 


How Do You Use Live Resin?

Our budtenders at Weedjar in East York, including Broadview North and Oakwood Village would tell you that the best way to consume Live Resin is through vaping or dabbing. Live Resin has a sticky wax like appearance. You can purchase Live Resin in cartridges or as an extract at our dispensary in East York. 


What is the Difference Between Cannabis Rosin and Cannabis Resin?

The main difference between Live Rosin and Live Resin is the extraction methods. Cannabis rosin is made using a solventless extraction method, whereas cannabis resin is extracted using a hydrocarbon process using light solvents like ethanol or CO2. 

What is the Strongest Kind of Cannabis Resin in East York?

At our Oakwood Village dispensary, the strongest kind of cannabis resin that we carry is the Banana Hammock Live Resin cartridge from a producer called Countryside Cannabis. The cartridges are quite potent, ranging from 75-81% of THC content. 

At our Broadview North dispensary, the strongest Live Resin cannabis product we carry is the SLK Live Resin Cartridge from Greybeard with a potency of 83.5-91.5% THC. 


Top Resin Products in Oakwood Village

There are a variety of Live Resin products at our Oakwood Village shop that are available to purchase online with click & collect, and also available to shop in person. Here are a couple of our favourite Live Resin products at Weedjar Oakwood Village: 


Ice Cream Cake 132 Series Live Resin Soft Chews

These I.C.C 132 Series Live Resin Soft Chews are a great option if you prefer ingesting your cannabis instead of inhalation. Featuring a full-spectrum vanilla flavour, these soft chews come in a pack of two.


Orange Sherbs Disposable Pen by Sherbinksis

Using a hydrocarbon extraction process, Orange Sherbs disposable pens contain 100% pure live resin from Orange Sherbert flower. This disposable pen  features a sweet citrus and earthy aroma with a long finish of bright tropical fruit with  70-76% THC content. 


Top Resin Products in Broadview North

Our Broadview North dispensary offers a variety of Live Resin products that can be purchased online with click & collect, as well as in person. Here are a couple of our favourite Live Resin products at Weedjar in Broadview North: 


AFD Live Resin Terp Slush by Greybeard 

Greybeard Live Resin is made from fresh cannabis grown outdoors at Thrive’s cultivation grounds in Simcoe, Ontario and carefully fresh-frozen until extracted. 


Grape Diamonds Live Resin PAX Pod by Countryside Cannabis 

The Countryside Grape Diamond Live Resin PAX Era Pod is made from single source fresh frozen flower.  The Grape Diamonds Live Resin PAX Pod is compatible with PAX Era, Era Pro, and Era Life devices. 


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