Our Yorkville Budtenders answer all your hash-related questions

Hashish: it takes many forms. Maybe it’s something you’ve just heard about or something that you’ve wanted to try for a while. Whatever it is, venturing into the world of cannabis concentrates is an exciting journey for experienced cannabis users. Hashish, or abbreviated as Hash, is a cannabis concentrate that has been around for centuries in Eastern cultures. Since weed has been legal, many retailers are now supplying hash as a result. But, what really is Hash? As we get into how it’s made later in this blog, we wanted to provide resources for those who are curious about what hash is, where to find Hashish in Yorkville, and other frequently asked questions, answered by your friends at Weedjar. 



What is Hashish?

Hashish or Hash, is a non-solvent/solventless based concentrate made by using the trichomes of a marijuana plant. The trichomes are removed and then compressed into a concentrate. The most common and traditional method is to rub the resinous plants together by hand to form little balls or bricks of hash – this is called finger hash or charas. 


Is Hash Stronger Than Non-Concentrated Cannabis? 

Generally, yes. Hash is much more potent than dried cannabis. THC is the active ingredient in all hashish products. A dried cannabis flower can reach up to 20% of THC levels, but in a hashish product they can reach up to 80%. If you are a novice cannabis user, it’s a good reminder to start low and go slow. Hash products are four times higher in potency than non-concentrated cannabis. 


What are the Benefits of Hash?

One of the benefits of non-solvent-based cannabis concentrates is that they are more natural, and are produced without any chemical properties. This is only the case for non-solvent based cannabis concentrates. 

There is anecdotal evidence that the THC properties of hash can help improve symptoms of nausea, inflammation, and pain. 


Where Can I Find Hashish in Yorkville?

Well, at Weedjar in Yorkville of course! We have over four shops with a variety of cannabis concentrate products, including hashish. 809 Yonge Street has become our fourth cannabis shop, and we offer a variety of products and knowledgeable staff who can assist you.


What are Different Types of Hash?

A variety of options are available when choosing hash. We’ve listed some common variations of hash below: 


Bubble Hash

Bubble hash is a type of concentrate that is made through an ice-water extraction process using the resinous parts of a cannabis plant. 



Kief is the crystal-like formation that is on the tip of the trichomes of the cannabis plant. When the trichomes of a plant are shaken off, it turns into a dust, or more commonly, kief. Kief is collected by sifting cannabis buds through a mesh screen, or through a sieve. 



Cannabis rosin is a concentrate produced from processing the cannabis plant using heat and pressure.


Co2 Extracted Hash

A less traditional method to create hash products is by using a CO2 extraction method to create solvent and non-solvent based concentrates. Some products included in this process are: Wax, Budder, Shatter, and Oils. 


What Kind of Hash Can I Get in Yorkville?

You can find these two great options of hash at our Yorkville dispensary. Both of these options are available online for click & collect at our Yorkville dispensary, or visit us in our shop at 809 Yonge St. 


Afghani Black Hash Discovery Pack 

If you’re new to the world of hash, then we recommend trying the Afghani Black Hash Discovery Pack. The discovery pack lets you sample three unique strain specific terpenes, allowing you to find what flavours and effects that you like the most.  


Gold Seal Hash 

The Gold Seal Hash by HashCo is made using separation methods that keep temperatures extra low. Using this method, the original flavour of the terpene profile is preserved, giving a truly satisfying and memorable experience.  


Hash It Out: Is Hashish Right for Me? 

Hash is much more potent than non-concentrated cannabis products, regardless of whether you’re trying hashish for the first time or you’re an experienced user. An inexperienced user may feel adverse effects if too much hash is consumed. Our guiding principles for this kind of stuff is to start low, go slow, and to ask someone with more experience to help you out on your journey. Unfortunately, our budtenders can not give you medical advice, and if you are unsure if hashish is right for you, we recommend consulting with a medical professional. 


Weedjar in Yorkville Hash Got You Covered 

As you can see, there are so many different forms of hash. Finding one that is right for you comes with practice, patience and research–it’s for you to hash out what works best for you! Our goal at Weedjar is to provide you with all the information and resources you need to make an informed decision about cannabis consumption. 


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