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Want to keep your buzz going after the holidays but cut back on your alcohol intake? We feel you, so do we. Our solution? Cannabis-infused drinks. Cannabis-infused drinks are a discreet, fun, and tasty way to consume cannabis in recent times. With many manufacturers creating infused drinks with flavour profiles that resemble the taste of coca-cola, sparkling water, juice, iced tea and even kombucha – more folks are becoming curious about non-boozy cannabis-friendly beverages. If you’re looking for some cannabis-infused drinks in the York area, Weedjar in Broadview North and Oakwood Village are your spots to hit. Keep reading below to find out more about our cannabis-infused drinks at Weedjar, and our favourite non-boozy alternatives to try this dry January. 



Frequently Asked Questions: Weed Drinks Edition

First, let’s get some frequently asked questions out of the way when it comes to cannabis-infused drinks.


Are Cannabis-Infused Drinks Legal?

Yes, in Canada and the Province of Ontario, consumable cannabis including THC and CBD-infused drinks are legal. However, only a maximum of 10 mg of THC (the psychoactive component of cannabis) is allowed in a single package and unit of edibles. You can find appropriately dosed edibles, including chocolates, gummies, and edibles in Broadview North and Oakwood Village.


What is the Difference Between THC-infused and CBD-Infused Drinks?

The main difference between THC and CBD infused products is that THC-infused products contain a higher percentage of THC, which is the cannabinoid we associate with getting stoned. CBD has more of a chill effect, and won’t get you high. While CBD and THC have similar chemical structures, they do not have the same psychoactive effects. A common misconception is that CBD is not psychoactive. It is – just not in the same way as THC.


Where Can I Buy Weed Drinks in Broadview North and Oakwood Village?

If you’re looking to buy weed drinks in East York, specifically in Broadview North and Oakwood Village, come through to Weedjar. Our shops carry a variety of cannabis-infused drinks to try for yourself and experienced budtenders to make the selection easier. Not sure where to start? Check out our list below for cannabis-infused drinks to try in York. 


Non-Boozy Alternatives: Cannabis-Infused Drinks to Try in Broadview North

We’ve compiled a list of our top three cannabis-infused drinks to try in Broadview North. Come by the shop and pick them up yourself with our click & collect options. 


Top 2 THC-infused Drinks in Broadview North

Sweet Justice OG Cola

OG Cola is a throwback to the clean, classic taste of what a traditional cola should be. Keepin’ it real with real sugar, natural flavours and infused with a dose of 3.5 mg THC per serving. 


Sarsaparilla Craft Soda

This sweet full-spectrum Indica Sarsaparilla offers a smooth and flavourful taste of craft-brewed Root Beer. Craft-brewed with vegan ingredients and 10mg of fast-acting, odourless THC.


Top CBD-infused Drink in Broadview North 

Limonene Sparkling Tonic

The terpene sparkling tonic, Limonene, is bright and citrusy with notes of lemon, tangerine & thyme. This 1:1 beverage is a medium potent THC and CBD infused drink that offers a kick of flavour to enjoy a chill buzz – great for those who are feeling experimental and want to try something new.


Non-Boozy Alternatives: Cannabis-Infused Drinks to Try in Oakwood Village 

We’ve compiled a list of our top four cannabis-infused drinks to try in Oakwood Village. Come by the shop and pick them up yourself with our click & collect options. 


Top 2 THC-infused Drinks in Oakwood Village 

Vicious Citrus OG Lemonade

The Vicious Citrus OG Lemonade is a 10mg hybrid blend. A great option to unwind at the end of a long workday. If you’re looking to feel calm, relaxed, energized, and happy, this is the one to try. 


Summer Punch Sparkling Beverage

In a hybrid blend with 8.5% to 10% of THC it delivers a light punch of calm, happiness, relaxation and energy to transport you into vacation mode.


Top 2 CBD-infused Drinks in Oakwood Village

Passionfruit Guava CBD-infused Sparkling Water

Unwind without feeling bogged down with the high-effects of THC with a high CBD alternative. With a taste of passionfruit and guava, Quatreau Passionfruit and Guava is a deliciously refreshing, cannabis-infused sparkling water.


Elderflower Pom 1:1 Beverage

The Elderflower Pom from Sweet Justice is a refreshing and fizzy 1:1 that offers a perfect balance of soft elderflower and a splash of tart, zesty pomegranate. 

This beverage is nano-infused for fast onset, with a balanced 1:1 ratio with 5mg THC and 5mg CBD. 


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